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Members! We need your help! 

To sell our units to Trillium Co-op and keep the FiT contract, we need to have at least 50 of our members that are property owners in the city of Greater Sudbury join Trillium. EACH MEMBER THAT JOINS GETS $30! Email us and we'll send you the forms to fill out.

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Together, we are bringing solar energy to the community and investing in a greener, healthier, SUN-nier Sudbury. More developments to come!

Annual Board Report

SUN Co-operative Inc. Annual General Meeting – January 14, 2019
This report covers milestones from the 2017-2018 fiscal year.

A year full of changes. Most prominently, our founding president Arik Theijsmeijer, announced that he was moving to his dream home on Manitoulin Island summer of 2018. We are sad to see him go, he gave the co-op a lot of heart and led the movement for many years. It will be hard to fill his shoes. Arik agreed to stay on the board until this AGM, but to make the transition smoother, Vice-President and President roles were switched. We thank him for his numerous years of hard work, dedication to the cause, community engagement and friendship. We wish him the best in his future endeavours on his island paradise.

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Feedback from Membership Survey

Membership Survey 2019


We kindly ask you to fill out a survey that will help us function more efficiently and incorporate members' ideas in our future projects.
The following link will allow you to download the Survey 2019

After filling it in, please email us your document at

Thank you for your help and contribution!

SUN coop

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Annual General Meeting

Passive and Active Solar Systems

Did you know that?

Solar energy can be captured passively and actively. In passive solar systems, the key is to allow solar radiation to pass through a selective material, such as glass, without allowing it to re-radiate back out. This is termed thermal storage and it can be used for several applications, including space heating for the home, to produce domestic hot water, and for the heating of swimming pools and spas. A passive solar heating system harvests energy from the sun without the use of electrical or mechanical devices.

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Happy Fall to Members and Supporters!

The SUN Co-op board is happy to announce that everything is coming together for construction of our solar project next summer! We are fully confident it is going to happen, with the connection costs from Hydro One coming in as low as hoped, the environmental reviews clearing, the site design getting confirmed, and the staffing to manage the project in place!

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Happy (belated) New Year to all our co-op members!


The board is excited for the new year so we can finally get to work making our first solar project happen in Sudbury!

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Missed our AGM? Here’s our update!