SUN Co-operative

SUN Co-operative Inc.

 Sudbury's Non-profit Community Solar Power Co-operative


We are a community-owned non-profit solar power co-operative, started by local individuals in Greater Sudbury with the help of reThink Green (a network of local environmental community organizations).

Our goal is to build solar energy projects in Greater Sudbury, with the proceeds going to both reThink Green for its community work, and into a Community Environmental Fund for local community environmental projects. These projects could include new bike paths, planting trees, restoring a river, holding an environmental event, starting a community garden, or just greening up your neighbourhood or school! This is all in addition to the usual local economic, environmental and social benefits of community-owned renewable power!

We are excited to have a contract with the Ontario government to buy the power generated by our first project for the next 20 years. Now we are finalizing the planning and engineering of that project with the aim to build it in 2018. We will be offering long-term community bonds to finance the project later in 2018. You can join our co-op as a member to support our cause, and whether you are a member or not you can invest and make money. We also have a call out for a few more months only for local individuals or companies to invest in the planning costs to make this project happen, at a high rate of return (up to 9%).


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